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mr and mrs nobody


Sept. 16 - Oct. 8, 2016
For Curtain Up! 2016
Directed by Greg

cloud 9


Oct. 20 - Oct. 29, 2016
Directed by
David Lundy with
Peter Palmisano


Nov, 25 - Dec. 17, 2016
Directed by
Richard Lambert

buffalo gal

March 24 - April 15, 2017
Directed by Kelli

On The Waterfront

May 4 - May 27,2017
Directed by
Sheila McCarthy



Buffalo Moon


bounty poster

Book and Words by Richard Lambert
All music, instrumentation and arrangements
by Steven Borowski
Directed by Drew McCabe

Company Developed by actor-writers:
Christian Brandjes, Chris Kelly, New Phoenix Theatre Founder Richard Lambert, Adam Yellen, Geoff Pictor, J.F.Kennedy, Zoe Appler, Alphonso Walker and Geoffrey Devereux
and puppets by Michele Costa

"What is most immediately notable about Buffalo Moon is its ambitious scope, from its multifaceted narrative lines to its manipulation of reality...The originality of Lambert’s story is his ingenious connections between unrelated people, and his obsession with Buffalo as a landscape upon which ordinary people can inscribe their own stories. Buffalo is to Richard Lambert what a country estate by a lake was to Anton Chekhov — here, we are obliged to become the heroes or victims of our own lives...Borowski’s alternately haunting and urgent
musical score successful heightens this drama."
- Anthony Chase, Artvoice

buffalo moon
Franklin Lavoie and Michele Costa

BUFFALO MOON is the world premiere of the third and final part of the ‘Buffalo Trilogy’ series, which continues to explore New Phoenix Founder Richard Lambert’s preoccupation with Buffalo’s disenfranchised citizens. By telling the story of our city, BUFFALO MOON substantiates the notion that an otherwise non-existent family can be built by accepting the love that you have for others. Like the New Phoenix itself, BUFFALO MOON seeks to celebrate and serve the communities of one of America’s poorest cities.

BUFFALO MOON follows 2009’s SWEET STREET, the first installation of the trilogy that re-imagined Milton Rogovin’s haunting images of Buffalo and Rochester’s steel workers. The “Portraits of Steel” collection shows the families who built our cities photographed in the shadow of an industry whose rise and subsequent collapse transformed the landscape of our area and the lives of our citizens. Centered outside of a Buffalo soup kitchen, SWEET STREET re-envisioned the unflinching portraits of pride, hope, and determination through the music of Leonard Cohen.

bounty picture

Eric Mowery and Wendy Hall

The unconventional, darker second production of the series, 2011’s FILLMORE, was written in collaboration with composer-in-residence Steve Borowski. Set in a dilapidated boarding house on Fillmore Avenue, residents found themselves unable to move forward while attempting to survive the trap of one of Buffalo’s most overlooked neighborhoods. The only escape would come when the building they called home was finally torn down.

BUFFALO MOON concludes the ‘Buffalo Trilogy’, for which resident composer Steve Borowski returns with seventeen new songs to be performed live each night, featuring two guitars, keyboards, strings and cello. BUFFALO MOON featured puppetry by Franklin LaVoie and theatreFiguren’s Michele Costa as well as new choreography by Amy Marie Taravella from the ALT Theatre.

BUFFALO MOON starred Buffalo favorites Michele Costa, Franklin Lavoie, Tom Makar, Nick Lama, Wendy Hall, Eric Mowery and Todd Fuller as Maxim and Wendy Hall in dual roles. The design team consisted of set designer Michael Loddick, sound designer Tom Makar, lighting designer Chris Cavanaugh, and costume designer Loraine O’Donnell.